Core Values

Honesty, Integrity, and Respect Above All Else

Honesty, Integrity, and Respect are traits we live and breathe at BSSi2. These values form the foundation on which we perform work, treat others, and conduct ourselves. Without these, trust is lost.

Removing Obstacles

Obstacles slow down progress and efficiency—we do our best to remove them from yours and our daily work. BSSi2 is constantly looking at new ways, as well as reviewing time-tested processes, to make everyday tasks easier for everyone.

Continuously Improving

Technology is one of the fastest growing and changing industries, with new or improved inventions emerging daily. We strive to stay on top of ever changing technology by keeping tabs on industry leaders, testing new products, training, and joining networking teams. We do this so that you don't have to. Our aim is to continuously improve your customer service experience, not just the technology we implement and support. It needs to be easy, convenient, and pleasant to do business with us. So please tell us what you truly think, and if there is a problem we’ll work to fix it.

Positive, Profitable Environment

We believe that a positive atmosphere will lead to a profitable future, not just for BSSi2 but for our customers as well. We cannot succeed without you, so we’ll work hard to make your business grow and profit.

No Assholes Allowed

Have you encountered an arrogant, rude, or obnoxious IT person who makes you dread every interaction? You won’t at BSSi2. We don’t hire assholes, so you don’t have to deal with one. We want our customers to enjoy every interaction with our employees. And truthfully, we want to enjoy working with our fellow coworkers too.