How Does The Cloud Benefit You?

Benefits of Moving To The Cloud

The BSSi2 Cloud Network provides secured, instantaneous access to company applications and data from anywhere in the world. Our cloud solution has made it possible to utilize always-on, any device, secure access to company data and applications from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

The BSSi2 Cloud Network commonly lowers expenses and improves the experience in many aspects of a business, including:

  1. Stop perpetual server upgrades
    Servers do not last forever. While you may not upgrade your servers every time a new version comes out, doing it every 4-6 years is still costly. Eliminate these recurring capital expenditures. When upgrades are needed, the cloud provider does it and it is included in your monthly price.
  2. Stop perpetual workstation upgrades
    Just like servers, desktops need upgrading once in awhile. You no longer have to hold on to that desktop operating system longer than you want. Take advantage of new operating systems when you want to and not just when the budget says you can.
  3. Eliminate constant patching of Windows and the expense associated with it
    Computers need to be maintained just like a car, and it does not come for free. Eliminate the cost of doing maintenance by moving your desktops to the cloud. Maintenance and patching are included.
  4. No need to worry about Microsoft Office upgrades
    Tired of staying on that old version of Office due to the high cost while everyone around you is using the latest and greatest version? When you are in the cloud, Office upgrades are included, when you want them.
  5. Disaster Recovery included
    If a disaster happens, you could end up paying more for recovery and restoration than for the initial setup and installation. Cloud datacenters are prepared for. The better cloud providers will have redundant backup sites to protect you. We recommend only such services that have planned for this contingency.
  6. Backup included
    If you are fed up with swapping tapes or USB drives, fret no more. Your data resides in the cloud and the provider does the backup. And good providers, like the ones we work with, have backups to their backups. Your swapping days are over.
  7. No longer have large capital expenditure for upgrades
    Upgrades are costly, especially if you do all servers and computers at the same time. Unless you lease or take out a loan for the equipment, you have a large cash outlay with each upgrade. Stop the cash flow bleeding and make your IT a monthly operating expense.
  8. Access from any device from anywhere with internet access, same data and login
    Need to work from home? No problem. Want to use that new iPad to get to your data? No problem. Really need a quick look at some information and all you have is your smartphone? Go ahead, login to the cloud. That is the beauty of the cloud, your data is always available to you from any device. It will give you the same desktop no matter what device you use.
  9. More productivity as everyone has remote access all the time
    Tired of productivity ending at 5pm because every one rushes for the door? Wish you could get more work done from home? Now you have the option. Don’t worry about copying files to take home. It is all there, available to you and your staff.
  10. Guaranteed uptime
    Most cloud offerings have an uptime guarantee of 99.9% or 99.99% (meaning no more then 86.23 minutes downtime per month or 4.32 minutes, respectively). There is no guarantee on your in house systems and in fact it costs you more when you are down because you also have to pay to repair the problem
  11. Better physical security than what you would have in your office
    Take a close look at how secure your servers are. Most small businesses have them sitting in an unsecure area, probably not protected by air conditioning or from the cleaning crew from walking off with the equipment. Not so in the cloud. Their datacenters are so secure; you would have trouble getting in. But that is a good thing.
  12. Free up valuable office space that was otherwise used for computer servers
    You know that office where you have the servers, backups, routers and firewall installed? Well you no longer need all that room. All you need are a few small devices that could sit in a closet. You just picked up an extra office at no charge.
  13. Potentially reduce your rent and electric cost
    By having more people work remotely, you may not need as large of an office that you have now. With a smaller office and fewer people using your electricity, you further cut your costs.