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BSSi2’s greatest assets are its employees and its clients. It is the personalities and technical skills of our staff that keep you, the client, happy and your network running. See what some of our clients say about BSSi2.

Cathy Cain-Blank

Week after week, we receive images, PDFs, Excel files and Word documents from clients. A project I start, someone else will finish – or vice versa. But we work remotely, so for years we passed files back and forth and stored different versions on our respective computers. It was inefficient. It was a nuisance when you needed a file from a coworker who was out of reach for a few hours. And because we didn’t consistently back up our working files, there was the potential for disaster, too.

In the spring of 2016, during a business development group meeting, I made an offhand remark to Scott Bernstein about all the emails my remote team sends to each other. He asked a few questions. Then he told me about Anchor, a tool for file sharing and cloud storage. He assured me it was mindlessly-easy to use, secure, and would solve our problem.

Scott was right. Within minutes of the installation of Anchor, our world changed. No more emails with attachments; we all have access to all files. No more loading of files on a USB before I leave town; I have access to our shared drive on my laptop. And with our files backed up in the cloud 24/7, I now have peace of mind.

Anchor has been invaluable, but Scott and his team are essential to our ongoing operations. They respond quickly when we have an urgency; they explain what needs to be done in laypeople's terms; and reliability and security are always part of the solution.

Email Marketer, Content Creator, Constant Contact Certified Solution Provider, Blogger
CC Marketing and Communications

Andrew Koch

Andrew Koch

Kurtzon Lighting has been in my family for over 100 years, so having vendors we can trust and partner with is something we take very seriously. BSSi2 has been one of our top vendors for over 10 years, and we never have to worry if our digital infrastructure is being monitored and protected. That is something I do not take for granted, as I have had other companies promise the same services, but were not able to deliver.

They are the professionals we trust when it comes to managing our server data, cloud backup and all technology we use at Kurtzon. Their “hands on” approach to our needs makes me feel more comfortable if I have to be away from Chicago for an extended period of time. On site visits, daily and weekly updates on ongoing projects, and accessibility to our dedicated manager are just a few of the reasons why I look forward to continuing our partnership into the future.

Kurtzon is a growing company but we do not want to hire a full time IT Manager. BSSi2 has always been there to take care of our IT needs as if we had an in-house person. We realize this saves us at least $10,000 a year. Add to that the depth they have with multiple people available to provide support and we know we are better served with their services than with an in-house person. I would not hesitate to recommend BSSi2 to any of my friends or colleagues.

Vice President
Kurtzon Lighting

Matt Schoenfeld, CPA

While our previous network support company did a fair job of supporting us, they were not proactive in their work. When we met with Scott Bernstein of BSSi2, he told us one of the services he strongly recommends to his clients is regular ongoing preventive maintenance. We knew we had found the right company for us.

The biggest benefit we’ve seen in working with BSSi2 is the peace of mind we have knowing they are looking out for our best interest. We have been impressed with their knowledge and thorough approach to proactively maintaining our system. They are very responsive to our inquiries. This allows us to concentrate on our core business. They are also on top of technology changes and new services. When we needed a new backup solution with disaster recovery, they had the answer. Interested in cloud services? They can help with that too. In talking with other CPA firms, I have found we are on top of our technology needs and BSSi2 has helped guide us in the past and towards the future. I highly recommend Scott Bernstein and BSSi2 for network support and maintenance.

Administrative Partner
Mowery & Schoenfeld

Ian Wahl

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you and Chris Fedor for all you have done for us.

As you know, we are just a small Wellness Center who had used several IT companies over the years before contacting you. Their short-comings in service and response-time did not serve us well. This became obvious when we learned that our server and entire network was infected with multiple viruses because no one had ever installed virus protection on our server. That’s when I called you.

BSSi2 is light years ahead of those other IT companies. The day I called BSSi2, you and Chris spent some time learning who we were, what various software was installed on our system, and then Chris went to work cleaning up our server, our network, and our all our computers. You and Chris were able to save all our data (especially our patient data), all our installed software, and basically saved our company from disaster.

Since that time, your company has provided excellent and timely advice on everything from suitable hardware and software to installation, networking and troubleshooting. Your expert service is fast, reliable and offers great value for the money.

Scott, you and your staff have provided us with a comprehensive, reliable, and responsive IT service. Your company’s level of professionalism and integrity as well as technical knowledge and application, whether the problem is complex or simple, is by far the best I have experienced in my 30 years owning a business.

I just want you know that I have recommended BSSi2 to my friends and colleagues because of your service, value, and the peace of mind you provide.


The Wahls of Wellness Clinics

Mark Brown

I have known Scott Bernstein for over 40 years. He is person I have trusted all that time, as a good friend and now as my IT support company. When I started M Brown & Associates, I had no idea what I needed in a computer system. I turned to Scott because I knew he would advise me on what equipment would be appropriate for my situation.  He took care of everything for me and all at a fair price.  He kept me informed and up to date on the job.  He had everything working and ready to go on schedule.  At my previous company, our system was always crashing, slow, and unreliable and the IT person was not very responsive. None of that has been the case with BSSi2. My staff that were with me at my previous company are amazed at what a real IT company can do. They like the techs from BSSi2.  They are all professional and do what they say the will.

Part of our business involves buying and selling stocks. We manage over 150 million dollars and handle HIPAA information as well. Due to state and federal rules and regulations, we must continually be in full compliance with all requirements pertaining to security and retention of critical data. Scott has made sure we are compliant with these requirements. We have never failed a security audit, our system is proactively maintained and BSSi2 is there when we need them.   BSSi2 is reliable and responsive to my ever changing needs.

Founder and CEO
M Brown & Associates, Ltd.

Pierre Désy

The Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) has utilized BSSi2’s services since 2007. Working with BSSi2 has provided our small-staff organization seamless information technology administration and a great business partner! These days it is refreshing to celebrate such a transparent, fair and logical business relationship. No hard sell, accurate billing, service is timely and friendly with little to no operating disruption. What more can you ask for?

How about anticipating our needs? BSSi2 really understands our business – because they ask us! What are we trying to achieve strategically? How are we leveraging IT to ensure we achieve our mission? It is fair to say that we have accomplished much as a small organization because our sound IT investment planning keeps us nimble amongst our larger competition.

We rely on BSSi2. They allow us the ability to focus our efforts on eradicating women’s cancer.

MPH, CAE | Chief Executive Officer
Society of Gynecologic Oncology

I had met you many times over the last few years at CPA networking events and the other members were always talked highly about your services. So I contacted your firm BSSi2 when I was not able to get my Word documents to open up and my computer was running very slow. Also I mentioned to you I already had another person try and get me back up and running.

You said someone would contact me right away and it seemed like less than a minute later Chris was on the phone. Chris connected up with my computer remotely and he then took the helm to figure out what was causing the problem with my Word documents opening. What he did was really study the problem and use what I call that special technical instinct that only a few possess to find out what was really happening.

Chris found out that my main Word doc in the system was corrupted and every time he fixed it, this Word doc it had a life of its own and corrupted itself all over again. So he dug deeper and found out I had a virus that was causing the problem. He got rid of the virus. Next he tuned my computer so it ran even ran faster and it did what it actually was to do. I thought Chris would have control of my computer all day but was able to fix the problem in less than 1 1/2 hours.

About a week later to I received a call from Chris just making sure every thing was working properly and no new problems have occurred. What I liked was his follow-up and questions making sure that I was really happy and if any problems did occur I now even felt more comfortable call him back directly.

I just want you to know that I will recommend BSSi2 to my colleagues because of your caring and responsive service.

Independent agent

Lexington Homes is a premier home builder in the Chicago area. When we needed a new computer system in 2007, BSSi2 was recommended by one of our sister companies, who also use BSSi2. They designed, configured, installed and support our network. As the corporate controller, I want to focus on the accounting and operations of Lexington Homes. We have outsourced all our computing needs to BSSi2 and feel it was a very wise decision. Fortunately, there are very few issues, which is a testament to a well-designed system and properly executed installation.

We have found BSSi2 to always be very responsive to our support needs in a professional and competent manner. They have a high degree of expertise and Scott has resources for other services if they are not part of BSSi2 services. We have come to rely on BSSi2 and his staff as a business partner, not just a computer support company. What is refreshing is they are very personable, easy to talk to and they explain issues and solutions in plain terms; they do not speak “geek”. It is the peace of mind that we have knowing our computer issues will be handled in a timely, efficient manner that I highly recommend you talk to Scott at BSSi2.

Lexington Home

BSSi2 knows how to keep our company current with technology. Scott is excellent at listening to our needs and limitations, then informing us of options. When it comes to solving computer issues Scott and his team have a simple mission: fix it. There are never any excuses for addressing a problem, and, most importantly, their honesty in working with us has enabled a harmonious relationship. BSSI2 gets it right in two critical areas, planning and problem solving.

Hunter Douglas Metals, Inc.

I have had the pleasure to work with BSSi2 since 2005. In that time we have gone through 2 server installs and several software installations/conversions. The staff at BSSi2 is knowledgeable, responsive, consistent and committed to their field. Their newsletter and email blasts give you concise, useful information. I always find helpful tips that not only apply to business applications but personal use as well. Scott Bernstein’s accounting background is an extra added bonus in facilitating business practice through computer use. The deciding factor to sign on with BSSi2 was their honest, straight-forward approach in handling our computer and business environment.

Nels J. Johnson Tree Experts, Inc.