Remote Office Solutions

Get More Done at Home or On The Road

The way we work is changing. Perhaps you are looking to decrease overhead costs within your business, or offer a work from home program as an added benefit to your employees. Maybe your business has multiple locations, or you have an employee that is sick, injured or had to relocate. No matter what your situation BSSi2 is here to help you succeed. As a remote company ourselves we understand the unique needs of virtual offices and remote employees.

Remote office solutions from BSSi2 will allow your employees to remain secure and productive when they are out of the office.
By utilizing the cloud, VPN and/or other remote access tools, your team can continue to share, edit and publish documents, communicate effectively, and increase overall productivity.

The solution that works best for you is highly dependent on the individual needs of your business. Not sure where to start?
Our experts are here to help walk you through your options and make recommendations based on your needs.
Give us a call at (312) 752-4679 to learn more!

Remote Office Services from BSSi2 offers:

  • Stay secure while staying remote - you are not setup with any old remote access application; it is down in a secure manner with quality applications designed to be secure
  • Help select the right teleconferencing solution - sometimes Zoom and Teams are not the right answer. Contact us to find out what BSSi2 is using.
  • Reduced Costs - cut travel costs and minimize disruptions with Remote Access & VPN Services
  • Peace of Mind - with monitoring and support, your team is free to work whenever and wherever, without the fear of malware or spyware entering your systems
  • Customized Support Plans - our experts get to know your business & budget to create a long-term plan that works for both in-office and remote employees