Microsoft updates Office 365 apps for Apple

Microsoft has announced updates, including new capabilities in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook for iOS and Mac. Office 365 subscribers can now easily drag-and-drop Office files, co-edit documents in real time, and enjoy other enhancements previously unavailable to Apple users. Co-authoring in Word, Excel, PowerPoint Apple users can now co-edit documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, […]

Apple released a new iPhone and so much more!

Every year in the fall, Apple releases updates to its hardware devices and software solutions. This year included some especially exciting announcements, particularly with regard to the iPhone. Whether Apple products are integral to your business or just personal favorites, you need to be aware of what was released this month. iPhone X Everyone suspected […]

Is the government really spying on you?

Staving off malicious cyber attackers is already a herculean task, so the last thing you need is to feel exposed from a totally new angle. That’s how many felt after Wikileaks’ accusations that the US government was spying on its citizens. However, the truth is a lot different from what the headlines would have you […]

CyberSecurity for Your Android and Apple Devices

Often times I am asked “What do you do to secure your mobile phone or mobile device from threats?” This is an excellent question! With mobile infections and malware on the rise, 2.3 million new variants discovered in 2015 alone, having a good mobile policy for security and protection is a must!

If your company does not have a mobile policy that includes data, threat and theft protection it should! This article will cover, though, what an individual can do without a comprehensive corporate infrastructure behind them.

iOS 10 release date finally revealed

Apple loves dramatic product reveals, and unfortunately that often means long wait times for new devices and software. Consumers have had plenty of opportunities to read about how great iOS 10 is, albeit with no official release date to accompany it. However, after putting another Apple keynote in the books, we finally have our answer. […]