Cathy Cain-Blank

Our World Changed – I Now Have Peace of Mind

Week after week, we receive images, PDFs, Excel files and Word documents from clients. A project I start, someone else will finish – or vice versa. But we work remotely, so for years we passed files back and forth and stored different versions on our respective computers. It was inefficient. It was a nuisance when you needed a file from a coworker who was out of reach for a few hours. And because we didn’t consistently back up our working files, there was the potential for disaster, too.

In the spring of 2016, during a business development group meeting, I made an offhand remark to Scott Bernstein about all the emails my remote team sends to each other. He asked a few questions. Then he told me about Anchor, a tool for file sharing and cloud storage. He assured me it was mindlessly-easy to use, secure, and would solve our problem.

Scott was right. Within minutes of the installation of Anchor, our world changed. No more emails with attachments; we all have access to all files. No more loading of files on a USB before I leave town; I have access to our shared drive on my laptop. And with our files backed up in the cloud 24/7, I now have peace of mind.

Anchor has been invaluable, but Scott and his team are essential to our ongoing operations. They respond quickly when we have an urgency; they explain what needs to be done in laypeople's terms; and reliability and security are always part of the solution.

Cathy Cain-Blank
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