Al Katz

Caring and Responsive Service

I had met you many times over the last few years at CPA networking events and the other members were always talked highly about your services. So I contacted your firm BSSi2 when I was not able to get my Word documents to open up and my computer was running very slow. Also I mentioned to you I already had another person try and get me back up and running.

You said someone would contact me right away and it seemed like less than a minute later a technician was on the phone. They connected up with my computer remotely and then took the helm to figure out what was causing the problem with my Word documents opening. What they did was really study the problem and use what I call that special technical instinct that only a few possess to find out what was really happening.

The technician found out that my main Word doc in the system was corrupted and every time they fixed it, this Word doc it had a life of its own and corrupted itself all over again. So They dug deeper and found out I had a virus that was causing the problem. They got rid of the virus. Next they tuned my computer so it ran even ran faster and it did what it actually was to do. I thought they would have control of my computer all day but was able to fix the problem in less than 1 1/2 hours.

About a week later to I received a call from the technician just making sure every thing was working properly and no new problems have occurred. What I liked was their follow-up and questions making sure that I was really happy and if any problems did occur I now even felt more comfortable call them back.

I just want you to know that I will recommend BSSi2 to my colleagues because of your caring and responsive service.

Al Katz
First Search, Inc.