Angela Adams

Knowing Professionals are a Call Away is Very Reassuring

BSSi2 brings us peace of mind. Juniper Advisory is a small company so we don’t need a full-time IT Manager, and since we’re definitely not IT buffs, knowing that professionals are a call away is very reassuring. You will be in good hands with BSSi2. They have a team of professionals and a system in place that is extremely supportive and efficient with a quick response time (their remote capabilities are extremely helpful and efficient). You never have to worry that things aren’t being taken care of.  They are proactive and will keep you in the loop of any updates and make you aware of any foreseen issues.  Even when you don’t hear from them, you know they are continuously monitoring behind the scenes so that you are able to focus on your work and not stress.  We definitely consider BSSi2 part of our team.

Office Manager
Juniper Advisory