Joseph C. Vito

Proactive in Letting us Know Problems that May Arise in the Future and the Best Way to Handle Them Before They Become a Major Issue

BSSi2 is pro-active in letting me know what problems we may face in the near future and the best way to handle that particular problem before it becomes a major issue. They look out for our IT needs and respect our budget at the same time. When a problem does arise, and they will, their staff will work until the problem is fixed to our satisfaction and will follow up to make sure everything is back to functioning normally. We had an instance where the technician worked over the weekend to resolve our issues and make sure that our emails were working properly for Monday morning — that is dedication and very much appreciated! I have known and worked with Scott Bernstein for over 25 years. His firms have always been there to support us and we will continue to work with BSSi2.

V.P. Finance & Administration
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